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Aside from being tasty, shrimp are packed with a healthy combination of antioxidants and important nutrients such as vitamin B12, niacin and phosphorus. Vitamin B12 is a common supplement that is important for proper metabolism, gastrointestinal well-being and brain health.

Niacin, or vitamin B3, contributes to your dog’s overall energy level. This essential vitamin protects your dog’s cardiovascular system and promotes healthy metabolism. The niacin in shrimp contributes to proper blood circulation, brain function and healthy skin.Phosphorus in shrimp is important for healthy bones. Shrimp also contains antioxidants which are indicated to reduce brain ageing.

1kg packets. 

✔ Natural tasty treat. 
✔ Great source of protein.
✔ No additives or preservatives. 

Ingredients: Prawn.